Job Description

Under the direction of the Director of Nursing Operations, this position is responsible for managing day-to-day Nursing operations of the patient unit, including high quality, cost effective delivery of patient care, managing nursing personnel, and assisting in developing and implementing approved department projects and goals. The Nurse Manager is responsible for supporting the DNO with the coordination, implementation, and maintenance of the patient care plan to maximize patient outcomes. The Nurse Manger is responsible for supporting the DNO in nursing staff management, operations, financials, clinical practices, leadership, environment of care, educational functions, and all other objectives of the Nursing Department. The Nurse Manager ensures compliance with policies, procedures, and standards of care; and oversees the Nursing Department in the absence of the DNO.

1. Management

  • Integrates the hospital’s mission and "Guiding Principles" in daily operations.
  • Communicates, collaborates, and coordinates with interdisciplinary team members to provide quality patient care and to ensure positive patient outcomes.
  •  Provides education in the areas of nursing competency, continuous process improvement, infection control, employee health, safety, case management, and program evaluation.
  • Under the direction of the DNO, effectively and efficiently generates a plan of action for solving problems and resolving conflicts based on the "Guiding Principles" and established policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for accreditation standards to ensure all team members adhere to all standards set forth by the State and accrediting agencies of TJC and CMS.

2. Operational

  • Under the direction of the DNO, responsible for the day-to-day Nursing Operations of patient care activities to include supervision of staff, tasks, and workflow.
  • Attends Head’s Up/Morning Huddle, Daily Operations Meeting, leads a Core Team (when applicable), and communicates information appropriately. Also attends Clinical Process Meeting, monthly Manager’s Meeting, Team Conference, and monthly Vent and Wound Meeting.
  • Monitors, oversees, and provides daily direction to House Supervisor/Charge Nurse in making appropriate patient assignments based on patient acuity level, CMI, and staff competency.
  • Ensures that forms being used for nursing documentation are approved and from the EHI intranet to guarantee latest revised version, when applicable.

3.  Financial

  • Demonstrates an understanding of treatment costs and financial support as they relate to quality and efficiency.
  • Assists DNO in preparation of annual capital and operating budget for departments.
  • Monitors and manages expenses.
  • Understands and manages nursing department impact on supply costs.
  • Assists DNO in evaluating and managing nursing costs by daily reviewing the Nursing Productivity Report for trends. This includes the goal to eliminate contract labor.

4. Clinical Practice

  • Assists with direct patient care, i.e. med pass, admission assessments, wound care, patient discharge process, and Admit/Discharge FIMS (when applicable) during high flow work times and as necessary.
  • Maintains and holds staff accountable to Standards of Care acceptable for licensure and EHI approved best practice models.
  • Attends Team Conference and ensures that nursing staff are prepared to discuss current patient care issues using Plan of Care. Facilitates positive outcomes by ensuring that POC has been created and weekly updates or UDA (IRF) have been accurately updated prior to team conference.
  • Addresses staff, physician, patient, and family concerns immediately and reports all problems or patient complaints to DNO. Initiates immediate steps to correct problems when appropriate.

5. Leadership

  • Under the direction of the DNO, manages the supervision of selected professional and ancillary personnel.
  • Utilizes the appropriate leadership skills to delegate, organize, and educate coworkers and staff.
  • Communicates collaboratively with the DNO to resolve issues and develop systems to facilitate the overall functions of Nursing.
  •  In collaboration with HR and the DNO, addresses personnel issues immediately by obtaining all the facts and providing appropriate feedback, including disciplinary action when appropriate. After discussions with HR, may suspend and/or clock out employees and recommend termination. Has authority to initiate discipline or corrective action to employees outside of unit when appropriate.
  • Maintains professionalism and adheres to the "Guiding Principles" in managing staff issues.

6. Environment of Care

  • Provides an environment conducive to safety for patients, visitors, and staff.
  •  Complies with appropriate and approved safety standards.
  • Assists DNO to promote and maintain a culture of safe patient handling by ensuring that appropriate staff members are properly trained.

7. Performs other duties as assigned to support overall effectiveness of the department


  •     Current state Registered Nurse license required.
  • ?Current CPR certification required. ACLS required in TX.
  • ?Two years relevant experience required.
  • ?Three years’ experience in a hospital nurse management position preferred.